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Lost memory card/flash drive

1GB SanDisk SD Ultra II Plus USB

Last seen in Alexander Hall in the printmaking computer lab at ~2:30pm Monday the 13th. I noticed it was missing after I arrived at Poetter Hall, before I went inside, after traveling from Alexander by bike. It may be in the etching studio, on the Alexander porch, somewhere between Alexander and Poetter, or somewhere on the ground near shopSCAD.

The drive is named SD USB and contains a default camera folder: "DIMC" or something similar, and a "Digital Page and Web Design" folder with the folders "Final" and "Final site" inside of it.

If you find it please email me at my scad email: krobin23
Luckily I had everything on it backed up and I don't really need it the rest of the quarter, but obvioulsy I'd like to have it back.

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