meikochan (meikochan) wrote in scadstudents,

Please help me find my baby! (Reward offered)

Yesterday (9/17) morning, between 3am and noon, my scooter was stolen from in front of my apartment, on Hall St. between Habersham and Price. It's a 2005 blue and white Honda Metropolitan CHF50, and when it was taken it was missing the right rear view mirror.

I filed a police report and called all the scooter stores in town so they are on the look out for it, but if you see one of these in a pawn shop or see anyone else riding it, it is stolen because it's the only blue Metro in town. Chances are that it's been repainted and sold way far away from here or broken down and sold as parts by now, but I'm still holding out hope because it's my only way to get to work.
If you have any information or see it around town, email me at or call me at 912-247-1717 (you will have to leave a message since I don't answer my phone for anyone not in my list, but I always check my voicemail) or the Savannah police non-emergency number at 912-232-4141.
I am offering a monetary reward and my undying gratitude for any information leading to the recovery of my ride and/or arrest of whoever took it.

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